Monday, April 12, 2010

Marina Makaron- A Designer's Story

Marina Makaron-A Designer's Story

Russian-born designer marina makaron moscow spent her life living, working and studying in diverse metropolises ranging from Moscow and London, to Paris and Philadelphia. Makaron's background lies in International Business, inwhich she earned her degree at the age of 20 at Drexel University. Upon graduation, she pursued careers as a researcher and analyst in financial, publishing and legal institutions until she decided to further her studies at the London School of Economics and later at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russia. It was not until the conclusion of her second dissertation that her creative calling kicked in and her passion for design took over. With a nod to her Eastern-European roots, Makaron began experimenting with basic Russian imagery and folklore depictions. Combining her knowledge of the International marketplace with a penchant for fashion-forward design and a fondness for her culture's traditions, it was not long before Makaron created a silk collection unlike any other-- fusing within its dappled patterns the nostalgia of times past, the style sensibilities of the present and the global attitudes of the future. Endless nights of generating business and investment plans paid off in the end with the creation of her first line, marina makaron moscow .

Marina Makaron came to the University of Delaware April 14th, 2010 and wowed the crowd. She playfully shared her scarf designs with fashion design and merchandising students. She explained her process toward developing her company and what obstacles she experienced along the way. The process of packaging, understanding the consumer, developing concepts, setting selling prices and experiencing failure and success. She extended her knowledge of the industry and we look forward to working with her this coming Philadelphia Fashion Week.

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