Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Professor's Art

Doctor Belinda Orzada

Doctor Belinda Orzada started the roll on the monthly showcase of "Our Professor's Art". This showcase of artwork is an oppurtunity for students to learn techniques within design that teachers might not be able to teach during class. One of Dr. Orzada's talents within design is embellishment. She is known for her intrecate details adorning her award winning designs. Dr. Orzada decieded to share one of her favorite embellishments smocking. Our club attendees were taught the breif history of smoking, were shown her designs and then created our own smocking sample. Look forward to more Professors from the University of Delaware and the art they share with us.

Doctor Belinda Orzada showing us smocking.

Dr. Orzada's award winning smocked cape, which was inspired by her country upbringing.

We were taught traditional smocking and english smocking, below is the smocking machine.

Lisette Ffolkes, Ashely Paintsil, Jine Takahashi
Josie Sussman, Jamie Issac, Alicia Mendoza

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